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Cooperative Robotic Systems

Name of the Curricular Unit: Cooperative Robotic Systems

Lecturer: Rui P. Rocha ( 


The course aims at studying the state of the art of cooperative robotic systems (CRS), i.e. multi-robot systems exhibiting some sort of cooperative behavior that enables taking advantage from potential advantages of teams of robots as regards space distribution, parallelism, redundancy and robustness. The main topics to be covered are: motivation and applications of CRS; main issues in the design of CRS; swarm robotics versus deliberative cooperative robotics; cooperative architectures; communication and efficient information sharing in CRS based on information utility assessment; exploration and coordination in cooperative robotic mapping (a case study of CRS). 

Evaluation method: 

The student's apprenticeship is evaluated through a simulation study of a state-of-the-art technique for cooperative robotic systems, comprising both a simulator in Player/Stage or ROS and a final report with a detailed description of the technique, simulation results and discussion.