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Fault Diagnosis in Electromechatronic Systems

Name of the Curricular Unit: Fault Diagnosis in Electromechatronic Systems

Lecturer: André Mendes and Sérgio Cruz ( and 


Fault diagnosis in three-phase induction motors: reliability statistical studies. Fault analysis: stator related faults; rotor related faults; others. Diagnostic techniques: MCSA, Flux, Vibration, Temperature, Speed, Fluids, Model-Based. Park’s Vector Approach: First Generation: preliminary aspects; eccentricity; rotor cage faults in three-phase induction motors; short-circuit turns. Extended Park’s Vector Approach (EPVA). Park’s Vector Approach in the Synchronous Reference Frame. Three-Phase Transformers: reliability statistical studies; corollary of transformers reliability statistical studies; transformers fault diagnostic methods; corollary of transformers fault diagnostic methods; Park’s Vector Approach as a fault diagnostic method in transformers (first generation, Park’s Vector and EPVA of the on-load exciting current. Power Electronics and Control: Park’s Vector Approach as a fault diagnostic method in three-phase converters (first generation, average current Park’s Vector). Fault tolerance. Standardization on Fault Diagnosis in Electromechatronic Systems.

Evaluation method: 

Project of research and synthesis about a given subject - 50%; Final exam - 50%.