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Intelligent Control

Name of the Curricular Unit: Intelligent Control

Lecturer: Rui Araújo ( 


Fuzzy sets. Operations and relations between fuzzy sets. Fuzzy systems. Inference systems. Neural networks. Neural network arquitectures. Computational learning. Supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. Generalization. Learning methods for the synthesis and automatic tuning of fuzzy systems. Fuzzy modelling. Non-linear control based on fuzzy and neural models: non-adaptive co ntrol and adaptive control. Knowledge-based fuzzy control. Fuzzy supervised learning. Predictive control. Internal model control. Inversion of fuzzy systems and its application to control. Learning in neural networks. Integration of neural networks and fuzzy systems. Neuro-fuzzy control. Clustering; Classification; Pattern recognition; Fuzzy clustering; Principal component analysis; Support vector machines; Evolving and genetic algorithms. Applications.

Evaluation method: 

A combination of the following methods will be employed: written exam; project of research and sythesis about a subject and/or of realization of practical assignments concerning simulation and/or real implementation.