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Semiconductor Oxide Gas Sensors

Name of the Curricular Unit: Semiconductor Oxide Gas Sensors

Lecturer: Pedro Faia ( 


Characterisation of semiconducting oxide gas sensors. Oxides surface: basic surface reactions. Conduction mechanisms and electrical response of the sensors. Semiconducting oxides: electrical response due to semiconducting material type. Surface oxygen relation with adsorption and desorption process. Oxidizing and reducing gases. Sensor type, function of the sensing principle. Measuring electrodes: adhesion and geometry influence, in the sensors electrical response. Catalysts.

Evaluation method: 

The evaluation of the course is the sum of two components: 1) 50% of the final mark consists in a seminar work, preparatory of the experimental work which will follow; 2) the remaining 50% will be the experimental work itself. At the end, the full work, will be evaluated after public presentation and discussion.