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Ignacio Aguaded Gómez | Universidad de Huelva

Ph.D. Ignacio Aguaded is a Full Professor of Media Education and Technologies applied to Education at the University of Huelva (Spain). He has a degree in both Spanish Studies and Education and also holds a PhD. He is currently Vice-Chancellor for Technology and Quality at the University of Huelva. He is the founding President of Comunicar (a group of teachers and journalists that aims to raise the profile of media education), edits the Research Journal «Comunicar» (ISSN: 1134-3478) (indexed in Scopus-Q1 and Journal Citation Reports-Q1) and is also a regular contributor to various international publications. He has led the Research Group «Agora», part of the Andalusia Research Plan and has conducted various research projects within the framework of Spanish and International programmes, such as Interreg III, E-learning, and INTI, all related with the area of media education. He has lectured at National and International forums, conferences and universities. Author and co-author of a long list of scientific books and papers, such as «Convivir con la televisión» (1999), «Tecnologías para la educación: diseño, producción y medios para la formación docente» (2003), «La Universidad y las tecnologías de la información y el conocimiento» (2009), etc., he has also chaired over twenty international scientific events.


Pierre Fastrez | Université Catholique de Louvain

Pierre Fastrez is a Senior Research Associate of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research and a Professor in Information and Communication at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). His initial research interests focused on the influence of information and communication technologies on the cognitive activities they support. For the last ten years, he has undertaken and directed research projects on media literacy that combine an experimental and evaluative approach involving the development of assessment tools based on performance tests, and a qualitative and interpretive approach dedicated to the inference of media competences based on the analysis of media practices. He directs the research journal “Recherches en Communication”. He is a member of the Higher Council for Media Education in French-speaking Belgium.