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Mobiwise: from mobile sensing to mobility advising - final workshop

MobiWise aims to enhance mobility in the cities, both for commuters and for tourists, through the development of a 5G platform that encompasses an access infrastructure filled with sensors, people and vehicles. The project will connect any sensor, person and vehicle, and will use all possible information to improve the user mobility, through a complete network and services platform for an Internet of Things real deployment in a smart city.
15 december, 2020

Med MEETS Math

14 may, 2019

FCT finances a project on endoscopy imagery

The project "Multi-Cam capsule endoscopy imagery: 3D capsule location and detection of abnormalities" was recently financed by FCT/MCTES and FEDER through program COMPETE 2020.
23 july, 2018

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1 january, 2015
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