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Energy for Sustainability Initiative (EfS): the Old & the New

26 march, 2021
© EfS, UC

The Energy for Sustainability Initiative (EfS) brings together students, professors, and researchers from different backgrounds with one purpose: 
to search for solutions to concrete sustainability problems.

The interdisciplinary background of the Energy for Sustainability Initiative (EfS), grounded on more than a dozen of R&D Units of the University of Coimbra, contributes to the improvement of energy efficiency and human wellbeing while achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals through Interdisciplinary research and development. 2020 brought the world new challenges and visions of transition models for a more sustainable future. In 2021 the Energy for Sustainability Initiative made a balance of its past trajectory.

 This is the EfS in Numbers!

This very positive balance led to the new visual identity of The Energy for Sustainability Initiative (EfS) that suits all of us best. 

EfS-UC, promoting Interdisciplinary Research in Energy for Sustainability matters @ Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, University of Coimbra.