Energy for Sustainability Initiative

Energy for Sustainability (EfS) is an initiative of the University of Coimbra (UC), bringing together professors and researchers from UC Faculties, with long experience in teaching, research, technology transfer, and consulting in several areas, namely energy and sustainable development. This initiative aims at transferring knowledge to society through interaction with policy makers, managers, and technicians in positions of responsibility throughout multiple sectors of activity. To keep a strong link with real-world problems, the EfS initiative involves companies and other organizations that integrate its External Advisory and assessment Board (CEAA).

The University of Coimbra, through the EfS Initiative, is a member of the European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research, Education and Training (EPUE). The EPUE comprises universities from across Europe who have demonstrated research and training capacity in the energy field, ranging from science, engineering and technology to bio-sciences, medical/life sciences and economics, social sciences and the humanities.

Within the EfS initiative, the University of Coimbra offers advanced educational programs, which include a Doctoral degree in association with the MIT Portugal Program, as well as a Masters degree and a Specialization course offered within the University.

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