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Short bio

Isabel Cristina Dórdio Dimas has a degree (2003) and a PhD (2007) in Organizational Psychology from the University of Coimbra. Her PhD thesis is focused on conflict management in organizations. She is, currently, an Assistant Professor at The Faculty of Economics of University of Coimbra and a member of CeBER.

Her research interests are centered on Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management. In particular, she has been studying team development and management, the processes related to leadership of people and teams, conflicts and negotiation in organizations, and, more recently, emotions management and the management of age in organizations.

Her publications include several papers published in national and international journals (e.g., Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Team Performance Management, Computers and Human Behavior, The Learning Organization, Journal of Psychology, Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology), as well as national and international book chapters. She is also (co)author of a book on managing teams in organizations.


La Incidencia de los Subgrupos y las Competencias Emocionales en el Bienestar y el Rendimiento de los Equipos Virtuales. Entidade Financiadora: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. Referência: PSI2016-79351-P

From Theory to Action - ActYouth EU. Entidade Financiadora: Erasmus+. Referência: 2015-1-CY01-KA203-011881  

Projeto INCODE 2030 (prestação de serviços na área da avaliação de cursos superiores em organizados em Formato PBL-Problem-based Learning)


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(2018) A Cusp Catastrophe Model for Satisfaction, Conflict, and Conflict Management in Teams. 335-350.
(2019) A Nonlinear Dynamical System Perspective on Team Learning: The Role of Team Culture and Social Cohesion. 38-49.



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