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Grades Improvement

On this webpage you can find information concerning the procedures required for Grades Improvement in accordance with the Regulations of the UC.

Which grades can you improve?

    1. The student can improve the final grade of any curricular unit, except for the Master’s and PhD final works.
    2. The final grade of the curricular unit to be improved may have been obtained by means of successful assessment or awarding of credits.
    3. The grade improvement is equally applicable to isolated curricular units.
    Please NoteThe grade improvement of an Internship requires a new registration and the accomplishment of a new internship with a new supervisor.
    Regarding the re-registration for grade improvement of a Dissertation or Project, the supervisor may refuse to supervise it.

    When can you improve a grade?

    The student can improve the final grade of a curricular unit which he/she has already completed, except for the Master’s and PhD degree Final Works:

    1. In the same academic year he/she completed it, in the supplementary examination period.
    2. In any academic year, freely, by registering and attending the curricular unit again.

    Concerning grades improvement, the highest grade is always the one to be taken into account.

    Grade improvements in the same academic year

      • The Grade Improvement exams carried out in the same academic year in which the curricular unit was completed do not require a registration or any fee’s payment whatsoever. 
      • The results of these exams will be released on the curricular unit’s grades roster of the supplementary examination period, and it does not require any other formalities.

      Grade Improvements in an academic year other than the one in which the curricular unit has been completed

      In this situation, the grade improvement depends on a registration at the moment of the annual registration, provided that the unit continues to be delivered.

      The student is subject to the maximum number of ECTS credits for which he/she can register. The grade improvement is considered to be a re-registration, therefore it is counted for the purpose of that limit.

      Accordingly, in order to improve a curricular unit’s grade, students have to comply with the requirements mentioned below:

      1. Having completed the curricular units whose grade they want to improve.
      2. Registering as usual at InforEstudante, and select the curricular units they want to attend in the current academic year. 
      3. Sealing their registration without forgetting that they must have ECTS credits available for the registration for grade improvement.