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The Academic Regulation of the UC establishes, pursuant to Law no. 37/2003 of 22nd August, including the amendments that were introduced by Law no. 49/2005, of 30 August, the system of expiration of the UC students’ right to register for Bachelor’s and Integrated Master’s Degree Courses, if they are not already holders of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Expiration is defined as the loss of the right to register for any of the aforementioned cycles of studies when the student, who is regularly registered, does not meet the academic success criteria established in the following table:

Maximum number of registrations ECTS Credits obtained (successful assessment)
0 a 59
460 a 119
5120 a 179
6180 a 239

For example:

  • In order to register for a fourth time, you must have completed at least 60 ECTS credits in the previous academic years;
  • In order to register for a fifth time, you must have 120 ECTS credits completed;
  • Regarding the Integrated Master’s Degrees, the number of ECTS credits is determined from the number of ECTS credits necessary to complete the Bachelor’s Degree (only the curricular units of the 1st cycle are taken into account).

Special Situations

IMPORTANT! Taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the
academic years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 did not count for the purposes of
expiration (national legislation).

To the purpose of applying the system of expiration, each registration of a student covered by a special system in one of the situations mentioned below, is only counted as 0.5, and the number obtained is not rounded up to the nearest unit.

Students who are covered by a special system of expiration are the ones in the following situations:

(a) Student registered on a part time basis;
(b) Student with special needs, ascertained by the competent medical services, which hinder his/her academic successful performance ;
(c) Student on maternity or paternity leave;
(d) Student suffering from a transmissible or infectious-contagious disease, ascertained by competent medical services, which hinders his/her academic successful performance;
(e) Student suffering from a serious disease or a protracted recovery disease, ascertained by a declaration issued by an Hospital, Health Centre or a certificate issued by a doctor of that speciality, which hinders his/her academic successful performance;
(f) Student with a high-performance athlete status.

In the situations of subparagraph b) through f) each registration counts only as 0.5, but it depends on their ascertainment in accordance with the rules and deadlines established for each case, in the Academic Regulation of the University of Coimbra.

Plan for not expiring your registration

Please Note

When a student registers for a new academic year, he/she must verify at the beginning of each academic year his/her situation by means of the button EXPIRATION SIMULATION, available in his/her student’s profile at InforEstud@nte by clicking “Curricular Data”. If his/her registration is at risk of expiring, he/she should consider the options of his/her registration.

Clique para mais informação...If during the academic year you are in one of the aforementioned situations you must submit the request type “Special situation to be taken into account so that registration/enrolment does not expire” so that your registration may be counted as 0.5 for the purposes of expiration.
If you are a student worker you must submit a request for that status within the established deadlines, so that your registration is not taken into account for the purposes of expiration.
If you are not covered by a status or special situation and you do not need to complete more than 30 ECTS credits in that new academic year so that your registration does not expire, you should consider the option of registering only on a Part Time basis, since this registration is counted as half registration (0.5). This way, instead of taking the risk of trying to complete all the credits at the same time by registering on a full time basis, you prevent the possibility of your registration expiring at the end of the academic year.

Students with expired Registration

The expiration of the right to register prevents the student from attending again that or other cycle of studies at the University of Coimbra for two consecutive semesters.

After that academic year, the Student may return to his/her course by means of a Readmission Application.
At the UC, during the expiration academic year, the student may attend Isolated Curricular Units of his/her course. If he/she is readmitted, he/she can request for the awarding of credits to those units.