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Special Rights and Status

The Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC) aggregates in its article no. 134 the special rights, which are cross cutting in all the Organisational Units (OU), in order to standardise and generalise its implementation and promote balance and proportionality between the different special rights and the implementation of the rules

Students who are covered by special rights at the UC are those covered by the following STATUS (as described in the RAUC):
a) Student Finalist;*
b) Outgoing Mobility Student;*
c) UC Student Athlete;
d) High-Performance Student Athlete;
e) Student Athlete in National Teams or other national sports representations;
f) UC Student Young Association Leader;
g) Student member of the “Queima das Fitas” Organising Commission;
h) Student Member of UC Bodies;
i) Student Involved in UC Cultural Activities;
j) Student with participation in activities of recognised university merit;
k) Student with Special Needs;
l) Student Worker;
m) Student Firefighter;
n) Student Serviceperson;
o) Student Informal Carer
p) Student Prisoner.

*The Status in a) and b) are awarded after the student’s registration, and he/she does not have to carry out any action

Students who are covered by SPECIAL RIGHTS resulting from the situations mentioned below, are also included:
a) Student who professes a religion, whose day of rest or worship is not Sunday;
b) Student-Pregnant, Student-parents;
c) Illness; 
d) Death of Spouse or other relative;
e) Attendance at a police or military  authority.

To whom do these rights/status apply?

Students who are registered for Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD Degree Courses benefit from the status provided for in the Academic Regulation (RAUC).

Students registered only for isolated curricular units of cycles of studies or incoming mobility students can benefit from the aforementioned special rights, with the following restrictions:

  1. Concerning a religion, whose day of rest or worship is not Sunday, students can only benefit from the individual recognition of the situation in accordance with what is laid down in subparagraph b) of article 191 of the RAUC.
  2. Concerning a Student-Pregnant and Student-parents, they can only benefit from what is laid down in subparagraph a) and c) of no. 2 of article 192 of the RAUC.

No student can benefit simultaneously from more than one of the situations provided for in the current regulation, safeguarding what is laid down in articles no. 190 and no. 198.

Submission of the request and recognition of the status

The student who wants to benefit from a special status must submit a request to the Academic Management Services (SGA) by means of InforEstudante:

  1. In the left side menu “Academic Service » Requests”,
  2. then click “Add”  and choose the type of request according to what you want;
  3. read carefully the information that describes the type of request and the set of warning notices useful to support you;
  4. digitise and attach to the request the supporting documents of the situation, without which the request cannot be analysed and therefore it will be rejected .

Situations which do not require the submission of a request:

The special rights mentioned below are awarded after the communication of the responsible entities. Therefore, the submission of a request is not necessary.


Situation communicated by

c) UC Student Athlete; ODUC (sports
observatory of the UC)
f) UC Student Young Association Leader; 
g) Student member of the “Queima das Fitas” Organising Commission;
Direction of AAC (Academic Association of Coimbra)
h) Student Member of UC Bodies; Rectorate/UO (Organisational Unit)
i) Student involved in UC Cultural Activities; OCUC (Culture Observatory of the UC)
j) Student with participation in activities of recognised university merit; UO (Organisational Unit)
k) Student with Special Needs;SASUC (Social Services)

Deadlines to request the status

The request for the aforementioned status must be carried out:

  • in order to be in force for the whole academic year, – until 31st October
  • in order to be in force only in the 2nd semester, - until 31st March

[1] When the registration or the event that determines the access to one of the aforementioned status takes place beyond the deadlines mentioned above, the status may still be requested:

  • until 31st January, in order to be in force for the whole academic year and
  • until 30th April, in order to be in force only in the 2nd semester. In this case, the rights provided for are applicable exclusively to the curricular units of the 2nd semester for which the student is registered.

[2] The request for the Student-Pregnant and Student-Parents Status must be submitted at InforEstudante:

  • until 30 September, for the Student-Parents with children up to 5 years old;
  • In the remaining situations, within the deadline of 30 consecutive days as from the date of the beginning of the event that determined it.
Please Note

[1] The request for the recognition of a special status when the student is not entitled to it leads to the restraint of any right from which the student is benefiting in the academic year concerned, the annulment of the grades that he/she has obtained according to that status and the impossibility of, within the scope of the same course, being able to request for and benefit again from any of the special status provided for in this regulation.

[2] The recognition or non-recognition of the special status will be communicated to the requester by email and by means of its personal area at InforEstudante.

[3] Failure to meet the deadlines mentioned in the current article implies the non-recognition of the requested status.