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New Students admitted to the UC

Welcome to the University of Coimbra! If you were admitted to a course at the UC by means of one of the following contests for access and admission, check on this webpage the whole information so that you can carry out your enrolment and registration:

» Contest for Access and Admission of International Students
» Special Contests for Access and Admission
» System of Readmission, System of Change of Institution/Course Pair
» Access to 2nd and 3rd Cycles (Master’s and PhD Degree Courses)

Enrolment and Registration Deadlines

The deadlines are communicated by means of InforEstudante and published at the webpages concerning the Applications to the UC at Applications to the UC for Portuguese or Equivalent status Applicants »

How to Enrol and Register ?

The Enrolment and Registration for the course to which you were admitted take place within the deadlines established for each phase, in accordance with the following steps:

Verify at InforEstud@nte if you were PLACED/ADMITTED.
 » The individual result of your application, as well as the seriation list, are available in your Personal Area at  Inforestud@nte
» Log in with the credentials of your pre-registration or your usual account of InforEstud@nte, and click on "Applications".
Make the initial Payment of Tuition Fee if it is applicable to your course.
 » If you have an application with the status PLACED, click on the option “Tuition Fees” in the left side menu.
» Then, select the detail of the payment you want to make and follow the instructions that are given to you*.
» If you want to know the whole information about the payments, choose the option “Payments Receipts”".
 *For further information concerning the payments, check the webpage about Payment Methods.

» Click the link "Enrolment"
» You can only enrol after the Academic Services process the information regarding the mandatory payments. If you have paid by means of:

  1. PayPal or ATM Reference – you may register immediately after receiving the proof of your payment, since this information is processed automatically*.
  2. Cash Office Counter – you may register immediately after paying. Do not forget that in this case you need to know your “Student Number”. You may check it at the link “Tuition Fees” under "Payments"..
 *Except for when there are technical problems that prevent the communication between the systems and/or data transmission between IT platforms.
Fill in the surveys, if they apply to your course.
 » Depending on the course or situation, fill in the survey. Only after filling it in, you may proceed to the next step. 
» This survey is mandatory because every year the Ministry that is responsible for the University solicits the filling in of different surveys with mandatory answers that are used as rating tools of the National Statistical System. 
Register for the Course (attendance).
 » After completing the previous step, click the link "Registrations" which will appear and follow the instructions.
» In this step you must select the curricular units that you want to attend in the new/forthcoming academic year.
Pay the Registration Fee and the Tuition Fee according to the situation of the course to which you were admitted.
Finally, you may request your UC Student Card.
 » In order to enjoy the advantages of the UC Student Card you must request for its issuance. 
» Further information at

At the end of this procedure, you will be a UC Student. Congratulations and Welcome!

Please Note
  1. The Students who applied by means of the National Contest of Access and Admission (CNA) and were admitted to the University of Coimbra may enrol in accordance with the deadlines and schedules to be published on the webpage
  2. Delivering to or presenting the original documents at the Academic Management Services is mandatory until 31st December so that your Student’s Personal File is completed.
  3. The Identification Card or the Citizen Card must be validated by the Academic Services in the presence of the student.
  4. Further information at the option concerning  »