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Students Admitted by UC

Rules and deadlines for students admitted by UC trough...

Special competitions, re-enrollment, change of major and transfer students, access to graduate level (Master and Doctorate) are defined on the site regarding Admissions:
The DGES's National Admittance Competition are defined on the site regarding Enrollments for each academic year:


  • Although students may register for semester-length classes, registration for both semesters is always done at the beginning of the school year.
  • Registration for practical classes are handled by the respective department via Inforestud@nte.

Procedure for Enrollment and Registration

On this page you can find information regarding the procedure for students who were admitted by the school into a program by the University of Coimbra.

Enrollment and registration in the program in which the student was accepted occurs during the time frames established for each phase, according to the following steps:

Confirm on Inforestud@te if you were ACCEPTED.

» The result of your admittance application as well as the admitted list are available in your personal area on Inforestud@nte. The combined results for all lists by type of application is available on the Academic Management Services site at

» Login with your pre-registration information or your regular Inforestud@nte account and click on "Admissions".Attention:

For information on how to enroll and register for classes please see "Instructions for enrollment/registration on Inforestud@nte", under "Policies and Procedures" on the left menu.

Pay the 1st tuition installment if applicable to your program.

» If your application with APPROVED status, click on "Tuition and Fees" on the left menu.

» Next click on payment details for the payment you wish to make and follow the instructions shown.

» If you would like to view complete payment details, click on "Payment Receipts".


Click on the link "Enrollment". » You can only register after we have processed the details of any required payments. In case of payment by:

  1. PayPal - you can register immediately after receiving proof of payment as this information is processed automatically.
  2. ATM (Multibanco) - you can register starting at noon of the next business day after you make a payment if done before 20:00.
  3. Finance Office- you can register immediately following payment. Remember that you must know your "Student ID". You can find it by clicking on "Tuition and Fees" link under "Payments".
Complete the surveys if they apply to your program.

» Depending on the program and your situation, complete the survey. You can only move to the next step after completion of survey.

» This survey is required as the Ministry of Education annually requires the University of Coimbra to complete various mandatory surveys which are used for statistical purposes by the National Statistical System.

Register for Classes.

» Upon completing the previous step, click on the following link "Registration" that will appear and follow all instructions.

» It is here that you will have to choose the courses you would like to attend in the new school year.

Pay registration fee and tuition, based on the program you were accepted into.
  For more information please visit the Registration Policy page.
Finally, you can request your UC Student ID.
  » To take advantage of the UC Student ID benefits you will need to request it. 

After completing this process you will be a UC student. Congratulations and Welcome!


You must submit all original documents to Academic Management Services no later than 31 December in order to complete your file.
Your Government ID or Citizen card must be verified in-person by Academic Services.
 More information can be found on "Document Submission"