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Registration for UC Students

On this webpage you can find information about the registration procedure for the new academic year, concerning UC students who were registered in the previous academic year for a:

- Bachelor’s Degree (1st Cycle) | Integrated Master’s Degree (1st and 2nd Integrated Cycles)
- Master’s Degree (2nd Cycle) | PhD Degree (3rd Cycle)
- Non-Degree Courses (those which do not have their own calendar)

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  4. Limits and Registration Rules »
  5. How to obtain the Multipurpose Certificate »
  6. Rector’s Order including all the deadlines »
  7. Deadlines and rules for Changes in registration »
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Courses with differentiated registration deadlines ? This information will be available under "Academic Notices" on the main webpage of this website ».

NOTE: if you owe the UC tuition fee amounts, check the new Regulation that establishes the conditions to access the payment plan for tuition fee debt settlement at the UC or check the Frequently Asked Questions about this issue.

General Rules for UC Students

Regardless of the deadlines, all the UC students who proceed with their studies are subject to the basic rules which are the necessary conditions these students must meet in order to register for the subsequent academic year:

Have been registered for the previous academic year.
2.Not have a lapsed registration in that academic year.
3.Have all debts concerning Tuition fee and other charges already settled (regarding every academic year for which you had registered during your pathway at the University), by means of the payment of all the outstanding amounts or by agreeing and fulfilling a payment plan to settle late tuition fees.
This request is submitted at InforEstudante, by selecting the request type “Payment Plan for Tuition Fee Debt Settlement” in the menu “Academic Service » Requests”.
4.Not be awaiting for grades to be released concerning the previous academic year.
 The students who are waiting for grades to be released may register within the seven days subsequent to the date on which the last grade was released, free of charges, and they are notified of the grade release by means of email at InforEstudante.

Registration Deadlines 2021/2022

Registration (registration for the curricular units that a student wants to attend in the academic year) is carried out at InforEstudante in accordance with the following deadlines*:

Normal Deadline** From 30th August to 20th September 2021
 Registration deadline within the 15 days beyond the normal deadline (fee of €15**)From 21st September to 12th October 2021
 Registration deadline between the 16th and 30th day beyond the normal deadline (fee of €30**)From 13th October to 3rd November 2021

* Check the Rector’s Order including all the deadlines »
In accordance with the Table of Fees and other Charges of the UC »

Beyond 3rd November the requests for registration, whose delay was not due to the absence of grades, are subject to the submission of a request at InforEstudante, in the left menu “Academic Service > Requests", the payment of a fee of €50 and the subsequent analysis and decision of the Organisational Unit.


1.  The registration will be carried out at InforEstudante, at, which is used in the whole University.

In order to log in to InforEstudante, you must use the following credentials:

- User = your institutional student email address
- Password = (previously defined by the student when he/she registered)

3. After entering InforEstudante click "Academic Service >> Registrations" and select the course for which you are going to register.
4.Follow the instructions that the system gives you, but do not forget that you must choose the curricular units you are going to attend in the forthcoming academic year.

In the end, you must SEAL your registration. Only after this procedure, you are effectively registered.

 - Do not forget to select the request for the multipurpose certificate in order to prove your registration.
 - YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE ACADEMIC SERVICES TO OBTAIN IN-PERSON YOUR MULTIPURPOSE CERTIFICATE, since this becomes immediately available at InforEstudante in an electronic format. For further information, check the webpage of the Multipurpose Certificates »

6. Then, you may consult in the menu "Tuition Fees" the amounts, dates and the ATM payment references concerning the tuition fee instalments and the registration fee

In order to carry out your registration in a fast and convenient way, you may consult the Guidelines available by means of the link HELP at InforEstudante (link on the upper right side).

Students with changes in their Course Studies Programme

Due to changes in the studies programme of the cycle of studies for which you are registered and the consequent changes they imply, registrations may begin somewhat later and with deadlines different from the ones published on this webpage.


Students awaiting grades to be released

The students can only register after all the grades have been released at the Organisational Units and accepted in this Academic Services.

  • The students who are awaiting for grades to be released may register within the seven days subsequent to the date on which the last grade was released, free of charges, and they are notified by means of email at Inforestudante.
  • If you forgot your password to log in to InforEstudante, please check the linkForgot your password?
  • Please keep an eye on your email.

Students who will sit special exams in September

These students can only register after the grades of all the special exams are released and accepted by the Academic Services. Even if you have missed your exam, you have to wait for the grade roster if you registered for it at InforEstudante.

  • As in the aforementioned situation, you will be notified of the result by means of email at InforEstudante and you will be able to register within the seven days subsequent to the date on which the last grade was released

Students who complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Course

The students who complete a 1st Cycle (Bachelor’s Degree) or a 2nd Cycle (Master’s Degree) must mandatorily submit an application to the subsequent cycle of studies, such as a Master’s Degree or a PhD Degree respectively.

For further information about applications to the University of Coimbra check at »

Do you still have questions?

Clique para mais informação...In order to know how to pay tuition fees and other charges, please check the webpage “Payment Methods” or the main menu of “Tuition Fee".
Clique para mais informação...In order to get an answer to other questions about registrations, you may check the webpage FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.