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Enrolment and Registration ?

The questions about Tuition Fees, Registration Fee, Debts and Debt
Settlement Plans are available at:

Frequently Asked Questions about “Tuition Fee, Fees and Other Charges ?” »

The registration deadline for your course is taking place, but you are going to sit exams in the special examination period. How does registration works in this case?

You should not register for an academic year without completing the previous one. Therefore, you have to wait for the registration and the exam, and only after the release of the grade at Inforestudante, you may register for the subsequent academic year.

You will be automatically notified of the new registration deadline by email. Meanwhile, you may register, even on a provisional basis, for the practical classes of the curricular units you want to attend in the new academic year.

However, if you are not registered, then you do not have a special situation or status entered in the system, which means that you cannot benefit automatically from that situation at InforEstudante. You should contact the services of your Faculty regarding this situation.

You cannot register because you are waiting for grades to be released. What can you do?

You should wait for the release of the grades since you can only register after all the grades have been released by the Professors and accepted by the Academic Management Services (SGA).

If this happens after the end of the normal registration deadline, you will receive a reminder (by email message) informing that you must formalise your registration within the following 7 days. This will be your normal deadline, and you only be subject to penalties beyond its end.

Check also the question: How to register beyond the normal deadline?

Will you pay a fine if you register beyond the normal deadline due to not having all the grades released?

No, because the delay does not depend on the student.

(Check the previous question)

Can you register for this academic year if you have an outstanding amount concerning the previous year tuition or registration fee?

No, you cannot. You can only register for the subsequent academic year:

1) after making all the payments concerning the previous academic year; or
2) if you have requested an agreement for paying late tuition fees and it has already been accepted

The students who are entitled to this agreement may request it at InforEstudante by selecting the request type “Payment plan for tuition fee debt settlement” in the menu “Academic Service » Requests”.

Further information at

Frequently Asked Questions about “Tuition fee, Fees and other Charges” »

Your Citizen/ID Card is out-of-date/expired. Can you register?

Yes, if you are not carrying out an enrolment (that is, a registration resulting from an application to the UC).

The Identification Document is validated in two crucial moments:

You cannot seal your registration because the system shows a message saying that you are exceeding the registration limits. What can you do?

The registration limits and the rules for curricular year transition are established by each Faculty in accordance with the Academic Regulation of the UC, and they cannot be exceeded.

  • There may be occasional situations of adjustments to that limits (in order to accommodate the changes in ECTS credits of some optional curricular units provided in the current academic year) or other exceptional situations.
  • If this is not your case, your situation must be subject to an appraisal, which means you can go to the Academic Centres in order to obtain information or send your request by email using the online form

In order to seal your registration and finish it, you have to remove curricular units until the total number of ECTS credits falls to the limits that are applied to you.

Check further information at

Can you register only for curricular units of the 2nd semester?

Yes, you can. Students may opt to make a semester registration by choosing only curricular units of the 1st or only of the 2nd semester. However, the registration is always carried out at the beginning of the academic year.

  • In this case, you only pay 50 per cent of the total amount of the tuition fee.
Can you register for more optional curricular units than the ones required to complete the course?

As a matter of course, you can register for optional curricular units beyond the ones required to complete the course, provided that you do not exceed the limit of registration ECTS credits established for your course. Nevertheless, this is an option that depends on the course and Faculty you attend.

  • Please note that ALL the curricular units you complete in your course will account for the calculation of the final grade.
Can you register for 1st cycle curricular units and Master’s Degree curricular units as well?
 Yes, you can. You can register for individual curricular units of the 2nd cycle, provided that you are also registered for all the curricular units required to complete the 1st cycle and the ECTS credits limit, established for your course, is not exceeded.
You did not fill in the pedagogical surveys. Can you register?
 Yes, you can. These surveys are not mandatory, although they are extremely important for the assessment of the University concerning all its aspects. Furthermore, the contribution of students is an important issue to improve the curricular units, the courses and the UC.
You had an expired registration. What can you do to return to studies in the current academic year?

After interrupting your studies for an academic year, you have to apply for Readmission within the deadlines established, in order to return to the UC and to your course.

For further information, check the webpage of Applications.

You have completed your Bachelor’s Degree in the current year and you want to proceed to the Continuity Master’s Degree Course. How can you do it?

All students who complete a Bachelor’s Degree at the UC (1st Cycle) have to apply to the Master’s Degree (2nd Cycle), even if it is a Continuity Master’s Degree Course.

Check the deadlines on the website of Applications.

You are a Bachelor’s Degree Student and you want to freeze” | "suspend" | "interrupt" your enrolment next year. What should you do?

The concept of freezing/suspending enrolment does not exist, but the concept of withdrawing exists. If you do not register for a certain academic year, your enrolment will be considered interrupted.

  • If you withdraw during a certain academic year, you can register normally for the subsequent academic year.
  • If after interrupting your studies, you are more than one academic year without registering, when you want to return to your studies you have to apply for Readmission within the deadline that will be established.
Is it possible to annul your enrolment in the current academic year?

No. The annulment takes place only according to situations provided for by the Law. What the student will be able to do is withdrawing his/her registration.

Regarding the cycles of studies (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degree Courses), if the withdrawal takes place within the deadlines established, published and disseminated to the Students in the beginning of each academic year, you will be exempt from paying the subsequent tuition fee instalments.

You have already registered. How can you obtain your Multipurpose Certificate?
 The Certificate becomes available immediately after you seal your registration, in the option “Documents” at InforEstudante. You only have to select your enrolment and click “Generate New Document Request”. Then scroll down, and at “Multipurpose Certificate” click “Generate request” and a PDF file containing the document will be generated.
Until when can you change your registration free of charge?

The change in your registration can be carried out by means of InforEstudante without paying any fee within the deadlines established by the Academic Management Services (SGA) at

How can you register for the classes and choose your schedule?

The registration deadlines for the practical classes are published by the Faculties or the departments regarding the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCTUC), and they are also responsible for the management of the schedules.

  • You may also check them at Inforestud@nte in the option “ACADEMIC SERVICE » REGISTRATIONS CLASSES”. If they are not established yet, please consult the Students Assistance Services at your department or faculty.