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Support for Students ?

Can you apply for a scholarship even if you are a student-worker?
In order to obtain an answer to this type of questions you should contact the Social Services of the University of Coimbra by means of the email
Can you do short-term internships or curricular internships?
 Yes, you can. By means of the Employability Promotion Centre, in which you can obtain all the necessary information to do the internships.
You have Special Educational Needs. Where can you obtain support?
 In order to support students with special educational needs, the University of Coimbra provides, by means of the Núcleo de Integração e Aconselhamento dos Serviços de Ação Social da UC [Centre for Integration and Counselling of the Social Services of the UC] (SASUC), a set of support services and means of support..
You have a disease situation resulting from a prolonged clinical condition which has a strong impact on your academic performance. How can you obtain help?
 There is the possibility for the student to consider the request for the status of Student with Special Educational Needs if a clinical condition continues to exist with impact on the learning process. Therefore, the student may get further information about this issue at the Centre for Integration and Counselling of the Social Services of the UC.
You are having difficulty to adapt to the city and/or the course. You are unable to find the best study method. Where can you find help?
 The University of Coimbra provides support by means of the Social Services. You can get further information at the website of the SASUC.
As a UC Student do you have any kind of medical support?
 The Social Services of the University of Coimbra make available Medical Services regarding different specialties, which is why you should consult the aforementioned webpage in order to obtain further information. You may contact the Centre for Scholarships of the Social Services.
You are coming to study in Coimbra. Where can you get accommodation?
By means of the website you can get information about university residences and how to apply to that type of accommodation.
You have a student sibling who is going to study at the UC. Do you enjoy any benefit due to that situation?
 Yes, you do, but it depends on some conditions. The University of Coimbra assigns the minimum tuition fee to the students who have more than one member of their household attending a Bachelor’s, an Integrated Master’s or Continuity Master’s Degree Course at this University. You may check further information by means of the website at
You are an athlete and a UC student. How to reconcile both activities?
 You request the student-athlete status of the UC at, which are the services responsible for controlling and monitoring all the procedures required by that status. In accordance with the Regulation on the UC Student-Athlete Status, the student benefits from this status during the academic year in which it is recognised.
What about the participation in non-sports activities?
 You should check the Regulation on the Status of Student Involved in UC Cultural Activities, which is regulated by the OCUC (Sports Observatory of the UC). Further information on the webpage