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Completion Certificate? Diploma ?

Regardless of the course or Faculty you are attending, as well as the situation described here, the Diploma (Course Completion Certificate) in paper version has to be requested from the Academic Management Services of the University.

Alternatively, you may obtain the electronic Diploma by means of the option “Certificates” at InforEstudante. The payment can be made by means of ATM References provided during this issuance.

Is the Diploma the “canudo” ?

No, it is not. The diploma is the document attesting the awarding of the academic degree or the completion of the non-degree course. Therefore, it is the course completion certificate.

The “canudo” is the Formal Diploma, Formal PhD Diploma or Formal Tenure Diploma, which is a more formal document (but with the same value as the certificate), written in Latin and delivered inside a metal tube. This is why it is called “canudo” (tube).

Which document do you have to request in order to prove that you have completed your course?
 You may request either the Diploma or the Formal Diploma since both have the same certification value, being the only difference their visual appearance and the corresponding fee. 
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Do you have to go to the academic services in order to get a Diploma in person?
 No, you do not. The issuance of the Diploma and its supplement concerning the completion of a cycle of studies is available in electronic format since December2012.
What do you have to do if you complete your course during the academic year?
 The student must request his/her Diploma at any time immediately after the status of the course at InforEstudante is “Completed”.
You have completed the Bachelor’s and the Master’s Degree simultaneously. How to obtain your Diploma?
 After completing the courses, the student requests the Diploma of both of them (pays the fee of both Diplomas) but on that date his/her situation concerning tuition fees must be settled.