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Doctoral Exams

This page contains the information relating to thesis defenses, for all doctorate students, as defined in the Academic Regulations of the University of Coimbra.

Thesis submission deadlines

Thesis submission deadlines, listed on this site, are set at the university level for all UC doctoral students, and duly communicated to the Faculty/Organizational Unit.

What date counts for thesis submission?

The thesis is considered submitted on the date when the request for admission to doctoral exams is submitted to the InforEstud@nte, after the fee payment (50€).

The Academic Management Serviçe (SGA) don't need to receive any thesis in printed format.

The deadline for the delivery of the thesis for the 2018/2019 academic year 
is 31st of August of 2019.


[1.] Upon conclusion of the thesis, the doctoral student requests SGA, using InforEstudante, to create an account in the General Study (also in english) - Digital Repository of Scientific Output of the University of Coimbra to which it can be uploaded:

  • InforEstudante » Academic Service » Requests » [Alun@s] PhD defense: Request for approval of a collection in SIBUC and upload of the thesis and CV

(in portuguese):
InforEstudante »Requerimentos » [Alun@s] Prova de doutoramento: Pedido de criação e aprovação de coleção no SIBUC (Tese e CV)

The the doctoral student has 5 days after receiving the login credentials to upload the following documents:

  • Thesis, including a summary of 2.500 to 5.000 characters in Portuguese and English, and printed in accordance with the guidelines of the Institutional Identity of the University of Coimbra, which can be found at (in Portuguese)
  • Curriculum Vitae, obtained from the CIÊNCIAVITAE: National scientific curriculum management system based on DeGóis technological platform.

[2.] After uploading the documents, the doctoral student requests admission to the doctoral exam using online request:

  • InforEstudante » Academic Service » Requests »  [Alun@s] PhD defense: Request for admission to the defense

(in portuguese):
InforEstudante » Requerimentos » [Alun@s] Prova de doutoramento: Pedido de admissão a prova

The Advisor(s)' opinion(s) should be submitted with this request.

[3.] SGA submits the request to the respective Faculty/Organizational Unit.
[4.] The Scientific Council of the respective Organizational Unit decides whether or not to admit the student to the doctoral exam and submits it to SGA along with the suggested committee member names.
[5.] The Rector or his delegate names the committee members and publishes it on the UC website on the
[6.] SGA communicates the names of committee members to the Organizational Unit, the committee and the candidate and informs the committee chair to schedule the exam.

[7.] SGA organizes the committee, schedules and registers the meeting and issues the announcement.

  • If the committee feels the candidate should revise the thesis, SGA communicates this information to the Organizational Unit Director and to the candidate. The candidate then has 120 business days from the date of receipt of the notice to submit a revised electronic copy or a statement that he/she intends to leave it as originally submitted.
  • The committee will be informed by SGA of receipt of the revised thesis or statement of no intent to make changes.
[8.] SGA schedules the meeting on behalf of the candidate and committee and informs the Organizational Unit Director. The press is also informed and SGA begins preparation (room, parking etc.).

[9.] The candidate defends his/her thesis to the committee at the meeting setup and registered by SGA.

  • Upon completion of the exam, the new PhD has 15 business days to submit the copies of the thesis to the SGA Assistance Office on Campus 1. The legal deposit will then be made according to the Academic Regulations of the University of Coimbra
[10.] SGA then communicates the results of the exam to the Rector, SIBUC, the Organizational Unit Director, the press and, if a UC professor, to SGRH.


SGRH - Human Resources Management Services; SGA - Academic Management Services; SIBUC - University of Coimbra Joint Library System; UO - Faculty/ Organizational Unit

Important notes about theses in digital format (CD/DVD)

The digital format should be: - Enclosed in a hard plastic case or stiff cardboard.

The CD/DVD, as well as the case, should be properly identified with: Title; Author; Name of higher education institution; Year and Type of work (Doctoral thesis...)

The digital copy should never be attached to the printed copy of the thesis.

Doctoral exam in special thesis apresentation conditions

The following documents, available on the forms page (also in english) should be attached to the to the request:

  • proof of qualifications for admission to exam, excepting UC professors, and
  • certified copy of ID (Portuguese ID Card or Citizen Card, if a Portuguese citizen; passport or other for all others).

Doctoral Specialties

You can check the available Doctorate specialties at the following address, which is sincronized with the UC academic information system.

UC Teaching Area 3rd Cycles