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Expirations ?

You had an expired registration. What can you do to return to studies in the current academic year?

After interrupting your studies for an academic year, you have to apply for Readmission within the deadlines established, in order to return to the UC and to your course.

  • For further information, check the webpage of Applications.
How are Expirations applied?

In accordance with the legislation, the students who meet the conditions for registration expiration will not be able to register for the academic year of that expiration.

Obviously, if any student thinks that has been covered by the system of expiration, either because there was an error in the calculation of the number of ECTS credits he/she completed or registrations, or because he/she is covered by one of the special situations provided for in the Regulation, then he/she must submit a request to the academic services requesting a review of your situation.

To whom does the expirations system apply?

The system of expirations applies only to Bachelor’s Degree Students and Integrated Master’s Degree Students if these had not obtained their Bachelor’s Degree yet. In some cases (for example changes of course) the registration may take place before being possible to verify if a student has or does not have a registration that meets the condition to be expired.

In this case, the registration will be annulled once this situation is detected.

Your registration is at risk of expiring. In the next academic year can you register on a part time basis?
 Yes, but a student who has a registration that meets the condition to be expired is not allowed to register both on a full time and a part time basis in the subsequent academic year.
Your registration is at risk of expiring. What are the implications and what alternatives do you have?

If your registration expires, you are not allowed to register for two consecutive semesters for your course or any other course.

After that year, you may apply to readmission without the limitation of the number of places and with the registration calculation restored to zero. In the year of the expiration, you can only attend isolated curricular units and you may request the awarding of credits to these units after returning to studies.

If you register only for one of the semesters, how will your registration be accounted for concerning expirations?
 The registration only for one of the semesters is counted as 0.5 for the purposes of expiration.
How does your registration calculation stand after the expiration?
 After accomplishing the interruption of two semesters imposed by the expiration, a student can be readmitted without the limitation of the number of places and with the registration calculation restored to zero.
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