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Student-Worker ?

What is the deadline to submit this request?

In each academic year the deadlines are published at Usually these deadlines are:

  • 31st October – to request the recognition of the status for the whole academic year.
  • 31st March – to request the recognition of the status only for the 2nd semester of the academic year.
You only started working in November. What can you do?

If the registration or the event that enables the access to this status took place beyond the aforementioned deadlines, the status can be requested:

  • until 31st January, for the whole academic year, and
  • until 30th April, only for the 2nd semester, taking into account that in this case the rights provided for are applicable exclusively to the curricular units of that semester for which the student is registered.
What can you do to benefit from the Student-Worker status?

You can only request this status after carrying out the enrolment and/or registration for the academic year, within the deadlines established at

The REQUEST is carried out at InforEstudante (Academic Service » Requests), within the established deadline, and all the digitised information is attached. You should keep the original documents so that you may deliver/present them later at one of the Academic Centres, if they are required by the services:

a) Dependent worker, regardless of the employment relationship at the service of a public or private entity:

  • Declaration issued by the employer entity which mandatorily mentions its complete identification, the name of the employee, the type and length of the employment contract, and the employee’s Social Security Beneficiary number, the Caixa Geral de Aposentações beneficiary number or another Social Security System, according to the system to which the employee is subject, including the fregularity of the contributions.

b) Self-employed worker:

  • Declaration issued by the Tax and Customs Authority, which attests the beginning or maintenance of the professional activity and that you keep the professional activity.
  • Declaration issued by the Social Security, or an equivalent entity, which attests the corresponding registration for the purpose of contributions.
  • If you are a student attending a professional training course or a temporary occupation programme for young people, including professional internships or internships promoted by the UC, provided that their length is equal or higher than six months, you must submit a declaration issued by the Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP), the entity that promotes the course or provides the internship, mentioning the dates on which it began and finished or is going to finish, duly authenticated.
What if you become unemployed during the academic year?
 In accordance with the Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC), you maintain the Student-Worker status if, being covered by it, you become involuntarily unemployed. In this situation (provided for in no. 2 of article 175 of the RAUC), you must submit a document issued by the IEFP which attests the involuntary unemployment situation.
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