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Telephone and via Skype Assistance

Please Note

For more specific/personalised information about the curricular situation, a request or an ongoing procedure in the Academic Management Services, you must use the online form:

Taking into account the guidelines given by the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health (DGS) concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the In-Person and Telephone Assistance in the University of Coimbra was subject to changes available by means of the new Assistance Schedule. 

Assistance via Skype

» Assistance via Skype is provided by means of, from Monday to Friday between 02:00 p.m. and 05:00 p.m.
  1. Sign in to skype by means of your usual account or download and install Skype in your Personal Computer, Laptop or Mobile Phone from »
  2. After signing in to Skype, please search for "" and contact us!
  3. Identify yourself as a UC student by means of your Student Number.
  4. This Assistance will be available online only during the hours indicated above.

Telephone Assistance

» Telephone Assistance by means of +351 239 247 198, from Monday to Friday between 09:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., and between 02:00 p.m. and 05:00 p.m.

Telephone Assistance to Applicants
 It aims to provide information concerning the courses offered by the UC and support to applications, thus it is aimed exclusively at Applicants or potential Applicants to the UC.
General Telephone Assistance 

This assistance provides support and information about issues dealt by the Academic Management Services and is aimed at UC Students and Alumni.

This phone number provides updated information uninterruptedly about different subjects organised into more than 20 questions. 

Call this telephone number even beyond the normal schedule, follow the instructions and you may clarify your doubts!
  • Press 1, for information about Electronic certificates, including the statement of payments made to the UC, and then press:
  1. Who can obtain electronic certificates?
  2. How to request electronic certificates?
  3. Get information about the authenticity of the electronic certificates
  4. How to obtain the statement of payments made to the UC?
  • Press 2, for information about Paper certificates and then press:
  1. How to request certificates without going to the academic centre?
  2. How to request certificates in-person?
  3. How soon do you have to make the request?
  • Press 3, for information about Multipurpose certificate, and then press:
  1. What is a Multipurpose certificate ?
  2. How to obtain the Multipurpose certificate?
  • Press 4, for information about Cost and type of certifying documents, and then press:
  1. What is a certificate, a diploma or a formal diploma?
  2. How much does a certificate or diploma cost ?
  3. How much does a formal diploma or a formal PhD diploma cost?
  • Press 5, for information about Extraordinary exams, and then press:
  1. Get information about exams in the extraordinary examination period
  2. Who can sit an exam in the extraordinary examination period ?
  3. When do the exams of the extraordinary examination period take place?
  4. How to register for the extraordinary examination period ?
  • Press 6, for information about Special exams, then press:
  1. How to register for the special examination period ?
  2. What is the registration's deadline for the special examination period ?
  3. What to do if you are awaiting some grades to be released and you can not register ?
  4. What to do if you have missed an exam due to illness?
  5. How to register for the special examination period regarding Dissertations or Thesis project ?
  • Press 8, for personalised assistance.
  • Press 9, to hear the available options again.


  • The telephone assistance ends at 05:00 p.m. . Therefore, if you are on hold beyond that time, you should end the call.

  • Regarding the telephone numbers with automatic Voice assistance, you may call that number, even beyond the normal schedule, follow the instructions and clarify your doubts!

General Conditions of this Assistance

  1. The telephone assistance is intended for Applicants, Students and Alumni of the UC and aims to provide information about academic issues.

  2. Considering that it is not possible to ascertain who is calling, personal or specific data of the personal file of the student will not be provided.

  3. Whenever a call is made, the position of that phone call in the queue is indicated. However, the waiting time is not predictable because it depends on the duration of the handled calls.