Web Proceedings

Tuesday, 26.06.2018

Exhibition & Workshop, Science Museum of the University of Coimbra - Curated by Carlota Simões & Kristóf Fenyvesi

-- Robert Fathauer, Penousal Martins and Hogul Park, GROWING FORMS: Natural Born Mathematics (poster)

Keynote Speaker: Katarzyna Winkowska-Novak

 GeoGebra role in building mental models and improving computational thinking skills (abstract) (presentation)

WG1 - 26/06 - (14h) - Chair: Zsolt Lavicza

-- Daniela Ferrarello, Maria Flavia Mammana and Eugenia Taranto,  Non-Euclidean Geometry with art by means of GeoGebra (abstract) (presentation)

-- Eleonora Stettner, Traditional Patterns of Easter Eggs in the Carpathian Basin ands pherical Symmetries (Illustrating Spherical Symmetries in GeoGebra) (abstract)(presentation)

-- Alvaro Martínez Sevilla, Hyperbolic Escher GeoGebra (abstract)

WG3 - 26/06 - (16h) - Chair: Walther Neuper

-- Daniel McDonald, Automated Drawings, Conjectures, and Proofs in Planar Geometry Using The Wolfram Language (abstract) (presentation - pdf / cdf)

-- Tomas Recio, Philippe R. Richard and M. Pilar Velez, Designing tasks supported by GeoGebra Automated Reasoning Tools for the development of mathematical skills (abstract) (presentation)

-- Vanda Santos, Nuno Baeta and Pedro Quaresma, Geometrography in GeoGebra (abstract) (presentation) (additional files)

WG7 - 26/06 - (16h)

-- Antonio Zarauz Moreno, José Luis Rodríguez Blancas and Diego Cangas Moldes, NeoTrie (abstract) (flyer) (photo1, photo2, photo3)

WS1 - 26/06 - (11h)

-- Ana Cristina Oliveira, The use of GeCla program for studying plane symmetry (abstract) (presentation - images)

WS2 - 26/06 - (14h)

-- Eugenia Taranto, Ferdinando Arzarello, Ornella Robutti, Virginia Alberti and Sara Labasin, MOOC for mathematics teacher education: a collaborative space for learning (abstract) (presentation)

WS4 - 26/06 - (11h)

-- Setsuo Takato, Yasuyuki Kubo and Masataka Kaneko, Usage and recent developments of KetCindy (abstract)

WS9 - 26/06 - (16h)

-- Lilla Korenova, Jan Guncaga and Jozef Hvorecky, Making a Graphic Calculator from a Numerical One (abstract) (presentation)

PS1 - 26/06 - (11h) - Chair: Csaba Sárvári

-- Celina A. A. P. Abar and Ubirajara Carnevale De Moraes, Flipped Classrooms and MOODLE: Digital Technologies To Support Teaching and Learning Mathematics (abstract) (presentation)

-- Robert Weinhandl and Zsolt Lavicza, Teacher Training for a Technology-Enhanced Flipped Classroom in Mathematics Education (abstract) (presentation)

-- Umberto Dello Iacono, Anna Pierri and Eugenia Taranto, Peer review methodology in a blended course for teacher education (abstract) (presentation)

PS1 - 26/06 - (14h) - Chair: Csaba Sárvári

-- Mamdouh Soliman, Maryam Al-Kandari, Tony Houghton, Zsolt Lavicza and Theodosia Prodromou, Enhancing teachers to integrate technology in teaching mathematics in Kuwaiti classrooms (abstract)

-- Fabián Vitabar, Zsolt Lavicza and Markus Hohenwarter, Training teachers to use technologies in mathematics lessons: identifying key experiences for a successful teachers’ learning process (abstract) (presentation)

-- Kan Guo, Shuang Song and Lavicza Zsolt, Influential Factors of Mathematics Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in China (abstract)

PS1 - 26/06 - (16h) - Chair: Zsolt Lavicza

-- Osama Swidan and Naomi Prusak, Developing Pre-Service Teachers' Collaborative Learning and Argumentation Skills in Computer-Supported Collaborative Environments (abstract)

-- Chantelle Bosch, Cooperative learning as a strategy for self-directed learning in a blended-distance learning Mathematics environment (abstract)

-- Ana Donevska-Todorova, Applications of Congruence Transformations with Technology-Enhanced Materials (abstract) (presentation)

-- Valentyna Pikalova, Denys Stolbov and Mariia Kolesnik, Designing and Creating IoT Devices with Pre-service Teachers (abstract)

PS3 - 26/06 - (11h) - Chair: Djordje Herceg

-- Thierry Dana-Picard and Sara Hershkovitz, Tessellations: from childhood to cosmology (abstract) (presentation)

-- Natalija Budinski, Zsolt Lavicza and Kristóf Fenyvesi, Teaching basic mathematical concepts with Origami and GeoGebra for fifth-grade primary school students (abstract)

-- Bruno Leite Ferreira, Rúbia Schio and Zsolt Lavicza, Aspects Considered To Prepare GeoGebra APPLETS for Understanding Generality of Conics (abstract)

PS3 - 26/06 - (14h) - Chair: Diego Lieban

-- Daniel Milow, Why and how an implementation of the rotational angle aspect can support students to develop a proper idea of angles (abstract)

-- Ana Cristina Oliveira, ATRACTOR – Virtual Tools in Mathematics Communication (abstract)

-- Ildikó Perjési-Hámori, Computer algebra systems (CAS) as a bridge between Mathematics and Engineering (abstract) (presentation)

PS3 - 26/06 - (16h) - Chair: Ildikó Perjési-Hámori

-- Djordje Herceg, Dejana Herceg, Vera Herceg Mandić and Davorka Radakovic, Subject-specific components in dynamic geometry software (abstract) (presentation)

-- Světlana Tomiczková, How to use Geometric Software in Courses of Differential Geometry (abstract) (presentation)

-- Jorge Marques and Nuno Baeta, The indifference curve analysis - An alternative approach represented by ODEs using GeoGebra (abstract) (presentation) (additional file)

-- Blanka Šedivá, Monte Carlo simulations in the teaching process (abstract) (presentation)

Wednesday, 27.06.2018

Keynote Speaker: Ornella Robutti

Mathematics teachers working in collaboration with the use of technology (abstract) (presentation)

Keynote Speaker: Kristof Fenyvesi

STEAM-ing Up Learning with GeoGebra: from Explorations in Arts and Design to Robot-making Activities (abstract) (presentation)

Keynote Speaker (TAME): - Pedro Freitas

The Geometry of Almada Negreiros in the Coimbra mural (abstract) (presentation)

Keynote Speaker (TAME): - Robert Fathauer

Making math more engaging by combining hands-on and computer approaches to tessellations (abstract)

WG1 - 27/06 - (8h30) - Chair: Carlota Simões

-- Zsolt Lavicza, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Philip Collett, Thierry Dana-Picard, Sara Hershkowitz, Werner Olivier, Gyorgy Tury, Gabriella Uhl and Diego Lieban, STEAM for the Future -  Integrating Hungarian, Israeli and South African Arts into Mathematics Teaching (abstract) (presentation)

-- Daniel Lakos and Eszter Losonczi, Jump from paper (abstract) (presentation)

-- Penousal Machado and Tiago Martins, Evolved Artificial Ants Paintings on Instagram (abstract)

-- Alvaro Martínez Sevilla, Book Presentation: around the “Paseos Matemáticos por Granada” (abstract)

-- Tomás Recio, Exploring artwork through Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams (abstract) (presentation)

WG2 - 27/06 - (8h30) - Chair: Yoichi Maeda

-- Satoshi Yamashita and Setsuo Takato, Active Learning Class Using PDF-Based Video Materials Generated Using KeTCindy  (abstract)

-- Naoki Hamaguchi and Setsuo Takato, Effective combinations of several types of teaching materials (abstract)

-- Tomoya Tokairin, A new 3D drawing plugin for Cinderella (abstract)

-- Ulrich Kortenkamp and Lena Florian, Big Data and Next Generation Visualization in the Classroom (abstract) (presentation)

WG3 - 27/06 - (9h) - Chair: Anatoli Kouropatov

-- Rein Prank, Step by step solutions of algebraic tasks and educational facilities of CAS (abstract)

-- Walther Neuper, Mechanised Justification in "Systems that Explain Themselves" for Mathematics Education (abstract) (presentation)

-- Thierry Dana-Picard and David Zeitoun, The determination of a suitable mesh for automatic plotting of a 2-variable function (abstract)

-- Daniela Ferrarello, Maria Flavia Mammana and Eugenia Taranto, DGS in proving 3D-geometry properties (abstract) (presentation)

WG4 - 27/06 - (9h) - Chair: Pedro Quaresma

-- Thierry Dana-Picard and Zoltan Kovacs, Automated study of isoptic curves: a new approach with GeoGebra (abstract) (presentation)

-- José Manuel Dos Santos, Spherical Tilings and GeoGebra (abstract)

-- Tomoki Hara and Kazushi Ahara, On materials which allows pupils to find out mathematical propositions using snapping on GeoGebra (abstract) (presentation)

-- Mária Kmeťová, Renáta Vágová and Tibor Kmeť, Investigation and Visual Explanation in Dynamic Geometry Environment (abstract) (presentation)

Thursday, 28.06.2018

Keynote Speaker: Jaime Carvalho e Silva (presentation)

WG1 - 28/06 - (9h) - Chair: Vanda Santos

-- Alla Stolyarevska, DeepDream reveals the connection between art and mathematics (abstract) (presentation)

-- Valentyna Pikalova, Oksana Hrytsenko and Iryna Rusina, Exploring Ukrainian Embroidery with GeoGebra and Python (abstract)

-- Diego Lieban and Zsolt Lavicza, Moving to Spatial Thinking through Geometric Modeling: an approach among prospective teachers combining Physical and Digital Resources (abstract)

WG2 - 28/06 - (9h) - Chair: Masetaka Kaneko

-- Koji Nishiura, Analysis of the Usefulness of Teaching Materials Including Sound Created by KeTCindy (abstract) (presentation)

-- Shunji Ouchi, An introduction to teaching materials to guide sample size decisions when using the Central Limit Theorem (abstract)

-- Takeo Noda and Setsuo Takato, Teaching materials for vector calculus and elementary differential geometry course using KeTCindy (abstract)

-- Christian Mercat, Teaching complex analysis with a conformal webcam (abstract) (presentation)

WG4 - 28/06 - (16h) - Chair: Vanda Santos

-- Zoltán Kovács and Zsuzsanna Cole, Wise use of GeoGebra supported by an evaluation routine (abstract) (presentation)

-- Jiří Blažek and Pavel Pech, GeoGebra and one locus in a plane (abstract)

-- Renáta Vágová and Mária Kmeťová, Does the Use of Iconic Planar Representations Affect Learner’s Visualisation in Solid Geometry Problem Solving? (abstract) (presentation)

WG5 - 28/06 - (9h) - Chair: Anatoly Kouropatov

-- Michal Fraenkel, Anatoli Kouropatov and Regina Ovodenko, Didactic consideration with respect to applets for the teaching of mathematics (abstract) (presentation)

-- Claudia Lazaro and Tomas Recio, Project MoMaTrE, Mobile Maths Trails in Europe, www.momatre.eu (abstract) (presentation1)(presentation2)

-- Giulia Bini and Germana Trinchero, Changing Plans: How dynamic Merlo items can support students’ understanding in 3D Geometry (abstract) (presentation)

WG6 - 28/06 - (14h) - Chair: Lilla Korenova

-- Cristina Naya, Activities for the classroom with scientific calculator (Mathematics in Secondary level) (abstract)

-- Eszter Kónya and Zoltán Kovács, Do the calculators support inductive reasoning? (abstract)

-- Lilla Korenova and Jozef Hvorecky, Learning Descriptive Statistics using CASIO Classwiz Calculators (abstract) (presentation)

WG7 - 28/06 - (9h) - Chair: Christian Mercat

-- Christian Mercat and Laurent Beddou, Augmented reality in Pétanque as a teaching tool (abstract) (presentation, ZIP file)

-- Alvaro Martínez Sevilla, Carlos Ureña Almagro and Tomás Recio, Augmented Reality, Maths Walks and GeoGebra (abstract)

-- Lilla Korenova, Theodosia Prodromou and Zsolt Lavicza, Augmented reality in mathematics Education: A cross-national study (abstract) (presentation)

WS3 - 28/06 - (16h)

-- Kristóf Fenyvesi, Hogul Park, Diego Lieban and Zsolt Lavicza, Problem-solving based Combination of Hands-on and Digital Modelling in the Process of Mathematics Learning: 4Dframe & GeoGebra in the Exploration of Simple and Complex Structures and Mechanisms (abstract)

WS5 - 28/06 - (14h)

-- Diego Lieban, Zsolt Lavicza, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Hogul Park and Taeyoung Choi, Who do You Feel Yourself? An Engineer, Mathematician, Programmer, Artist or Physcist?...It doesn’t Matter, Just Play (abstract)

WS7 - 28/06 - (9h)

-- Dennis Debay and Karen Terrell, Stories & Technology: Gateways into Mathematics for All (abstract)

PS2 - 28/06 - (14h) - Chair: Zsolt Lavicza

-- Ilona Olahne Teglasi, Introducing Complex Basic Program in Hungary’s primary schools as a prevention against early school leaving (abstract) (presentation - pdf, pptx)

-- Sofya Lyakhova, Post-16 school students’ experience of studying advanced mathematics courses online and face-to-face as an additional non-timetabled option (abstract) (presentation)

PS2 - 28/06 - (16h) - Chair: Zsolt Lavicza

-- Dorothy Laubscher, Technology supported design-based intervention to support teachers in implementing Realistic Mathematics Education (abstract)

-- Helena Koldová, Dagmar Melicharová, Vladimira Petraskova and Přemysl Rosa, Interdisciplinary relations supporting propaedeutics of mathematics in primary education (abstract) (presentation)

-- Cecilia Russo, Zsolt Lavicza and Fabian Vitabar, Designing Gamification environments for the teaching and learning mathematics (abstract) (presentation)

Friday, 29.06.2018

Keynote Speaker: Philippe R. Richard (abstract)

WG2 - 29/06 - (9h) - Chair: Ulrich Kortenkamp

-- Masataka Kaneko and Takeo Noda, Students’ operating CindyJS materials and detecting their reasoning (abstract) (presentation)

-- Yoichi Maeda, Simple construction of Hopf fibration with Cabri 3D and visualization of multiplication of unit quaternions (abstract) (presentation)

-- Hideyo Makishita, Visualize mathematics by mathematical structures and figures (abstract)

-- Aaron Montag and Jürgen Richter-Gebert, GPU Accelerated Visualizations in Education (abstract) (presentation)

WG4 - 29/06 - (9h) - Chair: Ana Breda

-- Lilla Korenova and Jan Guncaga, Discovery learning mathematics with GeoGebra through mobile devices in lower secondary level (abstract) (presentation)

-- Marita Barabash, GeoGebra as a Dynamic Geometry tool in mathematics and in mathematics teaching: a case of geometric constructions (abstract) (presentation)

-- Pedro Quaresma and Vanda Santos, Learning Paths Editor for the Web Geometry Laboratory (abstract) (presentation)

-- Jiří Blažek and Pavel Pech, Synthetic solution in geometry and GeoGebra (abstract) (presentation)

WG5 - 29/06 - (9h) - Chair: Zsolt Lavicza

-- Sonia Palha, Designing a digital tool for reasoning with covariation graphs: didactical considerations and classroom experience (abstract) (presentation)

-- José Manuel Diego-Mantecón, Óscar Arcera, Teresa F. Blanco and Zsolt Lavicza, Building a Robot with Secondary School Students to Solve the Rubik Cube (abstract)

-- Werner Olivier, An offline techno-blended model for enriching mathematics teaching and learning in South African schools (abstract) (presentation)

PS2 - 29/06 - (9h) - Chair: Csaba Sárvári

-- Gergely Wintsche and György Emese, The Changing Usage of Teaching Tools in Hungary (abstract) (presentation)

-- Ana Paula Lima Gandra, Ana Paula Aires and Paula Catarino, Learning how to solve linear equation with Equation Buster (abstract)

-- Roi Shillo and Zsolt Lavicza, Detecting students’ creativity from data streams derived from online exercises (abstract)

-- Dragica Milinković and Slađana Mitrović, Effects of different methodical approaches on solving the system of linear equations with two unknowns in the differentiated mathematics teaching (abstract)