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Special and Extraordinary Exams ?

If you have only one curricular unit to complete, do you have to wait for the end of the academic year to complete it?
No. Concerning this situation, it is possible to request, in the subsequent academic year, that the special examination period is brought forward to the extraordinary examination period of October or March, provided that it is a re-registration curricular unit (that is, a curricular unit for which you have been registered in a previous academic year).
If you get a successful assessment and you complete your Bachelor’s Degree Course on that date, are you obliged to pay the whole amount of the tuition fee?

Yes. Being a Student Finalist, you may use the extraordinary examination period to request an early special examination period of that academic year, but only on condition that you have already attended the curricular unit whose early assessment you are going to carry out.

It must be understood that, just for the sake of it, the possibility of sitting an early exam is an added value to the student, which was created to prevent him/her from being obliged to attend the course until the end of the semester or academic year only because of one curricular unit that the student has already attended. Thus, he/she may complete his/her course earlier and begin his/her life’s new phase.

What about the Master’s Degree? What happens with the tuition fee if you complete your course by means of an early dissertation defence?

An early assessment does not exempt the student from paying the tuition fee, except for the completion situation referred to in no. 2 of article no. 211 of the Academic Regulation (RAUC):

  • Regarding the Master’s Degree, if the dissertation or final work defence takes place until the end of February, due to an early assessment, and the Student completes the course, the conclusion is deemed to have taken place in the first semester. Therefore, the student becomes exempt from paying the instalments of the 2nd semester.
If you request the early special examination period and fail the exam, can you sit the exam again in the special examination period?
No, you cannot. When the student requests the early examination period, he/she loses definitely the possibility of using the special examination period (usually it is in July or September), even if he/she needs it.
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