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New Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC)

The New Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC) consists of 255 articles and aggregates nine of the previous regulations of the academic area. Therefore it is intended to facilitate the looking up and the articulation of the different rules and, as such, increase the level and the quality of information for a consequent better exercise of rights and awareness of duties.

Due to its coverage and impact on the activities of the academic area, we aggregate on this webpage the changes that are being provided continuously and draw a special attention to them.

Clique para mais informação... Where can you consult this Regulation ?
Access here to the full version of the new Academic Regulation of the UC » (in Portuguese)
Clique para mais informação...When does the new Academic Regulation come into force ?
 In the academic year 2020/2021, except for some articles concerning the planning of the academic year and applications that are applied only from the next academic year onwards.
Clique para mais informação...To whom does the new Academic Regulation of the UC apply?

It applies to students of Bachelor’, Master’s and PhD cycles of studies. However, there are situations that include the incoming mobility students and students who are only registered for isolated curricular units.

It is not applicable to Students of non-degree courses which are ruled by their own regulation.

Information and changed webpages

Subject | WebpageInformation 
Impact on the PhD Degree CoursesHighlights and summary of the main changes
DeadlinesAdjustment of the deadlines of requests for status and others.

FAQs – Isolated Curricular UnitsSpecial rights applicable to students registered only for these curricular units.

FAQs – Student WorkerUpdate of deadlines and documents.

Tuition Fee – Scholarships and Scholarship HoldersFrequently Asked Questions about the submission of documents and deadlines.
Tuition Fee – international StudentsTuition Fee payment in one + nine instalments.
Registration RulesChange of the limit number of ECTS credits to 12 concerning reregistration.
Special RightsInsertion of new Rights and change in the deadlines to request the recognition of a status.
Special Exams Insertion of new Rights. |»
Exams | Extraordinary Examination PeriodReferences of the rights contained in the new Academic Regulation.

Orders / DispatchesWithdrawal of the Orders/Dispatches revoked by the New Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC).
RegulationsInsertion of the new Academic Regulation of the UC (RAUC) and the consequent update of the regulations in force.